Neil Denaut

Host / Head Trainer

“I treat my clients with the care that I would like to receive when I visit a professional. I only want the best for my body and mind, so I give that to my clients.”



  • Todd Durkin’s Platinum Level Mastermind Group 
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M) C.P.T., Special Populations; Foundations
  • Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching
  • American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) Functional Training
  • Ignite Performance Training Certified
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • B.A Psychology – Purchase College

Neil’s love for fitness stems from his own experiences as an overweight teenager.

Around the age of 19, he began an exercise program designed for weight loss. After six month and 62 lbs of weight loss, Neil was hooked on physical fitness.

Throughout his college years he continued to hone his craft, gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible. After graduating college, he began a career working in the fitness industry.

He has had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the greatest professionals in the business. His mentors and teachers have trained some of the most elite athletes in the nation.

Using this knowledge and experience, Neil incorporates as many different exercises as possible into your session in order to maximize your training results.

Neil teaches you how to be pro-active about your physical fitness and well-being. And he always includes a cool-down with Ki-hara resistance, something you won’t receive from most personal trainers.

With Neil as your trainer, you will receive the total package in personal training.

Neil Denaut

All-Out Fitness TV

Todd Durkin Platinum Level Mastermind


Ki-hara Level 1

Ignite 360 Certified

845.628-0088 (w)

845-661-3044 (c)



“You can’t phase the un-phasables.”


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